Taking crew safety to another level, W-400 Rescue Me compact personal device is designed for ease of use and SAR

The W-400 Rescue Me

Applies easily to inflatable lifejacket through the removable bracket or using a textile hook.  Should the wearer fall into the sea, the W400 starts working automatically thanks to the sea-sensors situated on the rear of the device, and it transmits a radio signal that can be used to locate the shipwrecked person.

200 Gram


5 Years

Battery Life

121 MHz

Emission Frequency

20 Per Minute

LED Light Flash

'Man Overboard' SAR Device

W400 is fitted with an activation/ deactivation knob and a safety lock to avoid the device being accidentally activated, a high-performance light signal (LED) to aid localisation of the person in conditions of poor visibility, and large Test or Manual Activation push button. When the activation knob is in the OFF position, pressing on the button activates the TEST procedure used to check that the device is working properly, and to control the level of the batteries. With the activation knob in the ARMED position, press on the pushbutton to immediately send out the alarm signal.

It emits a radio signal at the international distress frequency of 121.5 MHz, which can be received by the W402 on-board receiver, and by any alerted SAR units. The batteries supplied with the device ( three LiMn02 3-volt batteries] have a guarantee life of 2 years (in normal weather conditions] and can be replaced directly by the user. The W400 is an extremely easy-to-use device, and thanks to its ergonomic design and the shape of its controls, can be easily activated even if the user is wearing gloves and/or protective gear.

  • Test frequency: 121.5 MHz.
  • Emission power: +20 dBm typical, +17 dBm minimum,
    <-46 dBm during test procedure.
  • Modulation: A3X.
  • Modulation tone: dropping from 1500 to 400 Hz, twice a second.
  • Message type: homing beep as per technical regulations.
  • Antenna: flexible wipe antenna with silicon-rubber protective sheath.
  • Light signalling: 1 diode LED high-performance white light, 7DmS flash repeated 20 times/minute.
  • Light level:> 0.8 candlepower perpendicularly
  • Working temperature: from -20’C to +55’C.
  • Storage temperature: from -30’C to +70’C.
  • Activation: both automatic and manual.
  • Power supply: 3 primary LiMn022/3AA batteries (3x 3V.].
  • Operations and controls: automatic working with water sensors, manual activation, TEST function.
  • Duration of operation (once activated): at least 24 hours.
  • Size: 125 x 65 x 25 mm (LxWx H].
  • CE (Directive RED), FCC and IC certified.
  • Guarantee: 2 years ‘World-Wide’
  • Alarm receiver: W402 (Receiver), sold separately.
  • Available in ATEX version.

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